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Central Window Sales, Inc.

Maintenance Program

Central Window Sales, Inc. offers an exclusive Maintenance Program for our valued customers.

This program consists of the following features & benefits:

You will receive (1) FREE cleaning service with the purchase of five (5) or more manufactured products (windows & doors) installed by Central Window Sales.

This service includes:

  1. Thorough inspection of installed products.
  2. Set all fastener plugs and balance covers.
  3. Remove all proper decals, labels  and stickers.  (leaving warranty labels intact)
  4. Cleaning of all installed window frames inside and outside.
  5. Vinyl treatment of window surfaces and  finishes.
  6. Wash all glass inside and outside.

Central Window Sales, Inc. offers a Maintenance Program and Glass Breakage Warranty (For the life of the program) 

This program includes:

  1. Glass Breakage Warranty
    • Includes all required documentation, ordering and receiving
    • Includes all service tech re-glaze or warranty labor.
    • Includes all service tech travel expenses and service charges.
    • Includes all service tech set-up, clean-up and disposal fees.
  2. A thorough inspection of Central Window Sales installed products.
  3. Replacement of any warranty items as may be required.
  4. Clean all Central Window Sales window frames inside and outside.
  5. Vinyl or aluminum treatment of surface finishes.
  6. Wash all glass inside and outside.
  7. Screen cleaning with non-allergenic solutions.
    1. Aged or damaged screen wire will be re-screened.

* Note: All non-qualifying projects will receive a complimentary wipe-down of window frames and glass.

* Maintenance Program available for qualifying purchases only. 

  • Maintenance Program requires replacement of all windows in home.
    • Does not have to include doors.
  • If not replacing all windows, then five (5) or more windows will qualify – services are for replaced windows and/or sliding glass doors.
    • For cleaning services on non-replaced Central Window Sales windows and/or sliding glass doors, additional fees will apply.

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